Objective Current Affairs For Jan-2013(Part-1)
1.      RBI's open market operation transactions are carried out with a view to regulate-
(A)        liquidity in the economy
(B)        Prices of essential commodities
(C)       Inflation
(D)       Borrowing power of the banks
(E)       All the above
2.      When more than one banks are allowing credit facilities to one parry in coordination with each other under a formal arrangement, the arrangement is generally known as-
A. Participation            B. Consortium
C. Syndication              D. Multiple banking
            E. None of these
3.      The bank rate means-
A.    Rate of interest charged by commercial banks from borrowers
B.    Rate of interest at which commercial banks discounted bills of their borrowers
C.    Rate: of interest 'allowed by commercial - banks on their deposits     -           .
D.    Rate at which RBI purchases or rediscounts bills of exchange of commercial banks.
E.    None of these
4.      What is an Indian Depository Receipt?
          (A) deposit account with a Public Sector Bank
          (B) A depository, account With any of Depositories in India
          (C) An instrument in the form of depository receipt created by an Indian depository against underlying equity shares of the issuing company'
           (D) An instrument in the form of deposit receipt issued by Indian depositories
           (E) None of these
5.     An instrument that derives its value from a specified underlying (currency, gold, stocks etc.) is known as-
(A)      Derivative
(B)      Securitisation Receipts
(C)      Hedge Fund
(D)      Factoring
(E)   Venture Capital Funding
6.      Fiscal deficit is-
(A)  total income less Govt. borrowing
(B)  total payments less total receipts
(C)  total payments less Capital receipts
(D)  total expenditure less total receipts excluding borrowing
(E)  None of these
7.      Reverse repo means:
(A) Injecting liquidity by the Central Bank of a country though purchase of Govt. Securities.
(B) Absorption of liquidity from the market by sale of Govt. securities
(C) Balancing liquidity with a view to enhancing economic growth rate
(D) Improving the position of availability of the securities in the market
            (E) Any of the above
8.      The stance of RBI monetary is
     (A) policy inflation control with adequate      liquidity for growth
(B) improving credit quality of the Banks
(C) strengthening credit delivery mechanism
(D) supporting investment demand in the economy
(E) Any of the above
9.      Currency Swap is an instrument  to manage-
(A)   Currency risk
            (B) interest rate risk
(C) currency and interest rate risk
(D) cash flows in different currencies
(E) All of the above
10.      ‘Sub-prime’ refers to:
(A) Lending done by banks at rates below PLR
(B) Funds raised by the banks at sub-libor rates.
(C)  Group of banks which are not rated as prime banks as per Banker’s Almanac
(D) Lending done by financing institutions  including banks to customers not meeting with normally required credit appraisal standards
            (E) All of the above
11.      Euro Bond is an instrument-
            (A) issued in the European market
(B) issued in Euro Currency
       (C) issued in a country other than the country of the currency of the Bond
       (D) All of the above
       (E) None of these
12.      Money Laundering normally involves-
(A) placement of funds
(B) layering of funds
(C) integration of funds
(D  All of (A), (B) and (C)
(E) None of (A), (B) and (C)
13.      The IMF and the World Bank were conceived as institutions to‑
(A) strengthen international economic co-operation and to help create a more stable and prosperous global economy
(B) IMF promotes international monetary cooperation
(C) The World Bank promotes long term economic development and poverty reduction
(D) All of (A), (B) and (C)
(E) None of (A), (B) and (C)
14.      Capital Market Regulator is-
            (A) RBI                           (B) 1RDA
         (C) NSE                        (D) BSE .
15.      In the term BRIC, R stands for-
            (A) Romania                  (B) Rajithan
            (C) Russia                     (D) Regulation
            (E) None of these
16.      FDI refers to-
(A) Fixed Deposit Interest
(B) Fixed Deposit Investment
(C) Foreign Direct Investment
(D) Future Derivative Investment
(E)  None of these
17.      What is Call Money ?
(A) Money borrowed or lent for a day or over night
(B) Money borrowed for more than one day but upto 3 days       .
(C)Money borrowed for more than one day but upto 7 days -
(D)Money borrowed for more than one day but upto 14 days
            (E) None of these
18.      Which is the first Indian company to be listed in NASDAQ?'
            (A) Reliance                  (B) TCS
            (C) HCL             (D)Infosys 
            (E)None of these
19.      Which of the following is the Regulator of the credit rating agencies in India?
           (A) RBI                           (B) SBI
           (C) SIDBI                      (D) SEBI
           (E) None of these
20.      One of the major challenges banking industry is facing these days is money laundering. Which of the following acts/norms are launched by the banks to prevent .money laundering in general?
(A) Know Your Customer Norms
            (B) Banking Regulation Act
(C) Negotiable Instrument Act
(D) Narcotics and Psychotropic Substance Act
(E) None of these
21.      Lot of Banks in India these days are offering M-Banking Facility to their customers. What is the full form of 'M' in 'M-Banking?
(A) Money                      (B) Marginal
(C) Message                 (D) Mutual Fund
(E) Mobile Phone
22.      Which of the following is not the part of the structure of the Financial System in India ?
(A)       Industrial Finance
(B)       Agricultural Finance
(C)       Government Finance
(D)       Development Finance
(E)       Personal Finance
23.       We very frequently read about Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in newspaper. These SEZs were estabilished with which of the following objectives?
            (I) To attract foreign investment directly.
            (II) To protect domestic market from direct competition from multinationals
            (III) TO provide more capital to agricultural and allied activities.
A.    Only (I)
B.    Only (II)
C.    Only (III)
D.    All (I), (II) and (III)
E.    None of these
24.      Many times we read about future trading in newspaper. What is future Trading?
            (I) It is nothing but a trade between any two stock exchanges wherein it is decided to purchase the stocks of each other on a fixed price throughout the year.
            (II) It is an agreement between two parties to buy or sell an underlying asset in the future at a predetermined price.
            (III) It is an agreement between stock exchanges that they will not trade the stocks of each other under any circumstances in future or for a given period of time.
(A)   Only (I)
(B)   Only (II)
(C)   Only (III)
(D)   All (I), (II) & (III)
(E)   None of these
25.      As per news in various journals, many banks have failed to achieve agri-loan target fixed by the RBI for the year 2010-11. What was the target fixed for the year?
            (A) 10%                        (B) 15%
            (C) 18%                        (D) 24%
            (E) 30%
26.      Which of the following organisation prepares rural credit plans on annual basis for all districts in India, which in turn from the base for annual credit plans of all rural financial institutions?
(C)   RBI
(D)   Indian Bank's Association
(E)    C I I
27.        Which of the following terms is used in the field of economics?
(A)   Adiabatic
(B)   Bohr Theory
(C)   Plasma
(D)   Barter System
(E)   Viscosity
28.      Which of the following is not a function of the Planning Commission of India?
(A) Assessment of the material, capital and human resources of the country
(B) Formulation of plans for the most effective and balanced utilization of country's resources
(C)   Public cooperation in national   development
(D)       Preparation of annual budget of the country and collection of taxes to raise capital for the implementation of the plans
(E)       Determination of stages in which the plan should be carried out
29.      Which war –torn Arab Country did Indian external affairs minister visit in March 2012?
            A. Tunisia                      B. Libya
            C. Syria                        D. Egypt
30.      “Meri Raftar Pe Suraj Ki Kiran Naaz Kare” is a state prayer of which state?
A. Asom                       B. Gujarat
C) Bihar                        D) Madhaya Pradesh
31.      Who has been elected chief minister of Manipur after the recently held election?
            A. G. Gaikhangam        
            B. Okram Ibobi Singh
            C. Thoudam Devendra              
D. Phuzathang Tonsing
32.      Which of the following states has presented its fourth successive zero deficit budget in March 2012?
            A. Asom                       B. Haryana
            C. Kerala                       D. Rajasthan
33.      Who has lent his voice to the iconic character of Bheeshma Pitamah in an upcoming animation film Mahabharat, produced by PEN India?
            A. Sunny Deol               B. Amitabh Bachchan
            C. Nana Patekar            D. Salman Khan
34.      Which of the following countries has planned to launch about 100 satellites in the sky by 2015?
            A. Russia                      B. China
            C. USA                         D. India
35.      Scientists have recently detected presence of Oxygen in the atmosphere of which planet’s moon?
            A. Mars                         B. Jupiter
            C. Venus                       D. Saturn
36.      Which state has successfully cloned the world’s first pashmina goat?
            A. Himachal Pradesh     B. Uttarakhand
            C. Jammu & Kashmir     D. Karnataka
37.      Who has been appointed new army chief of India?
            A. Lt. Gen. Bikram Singh
            B. Lt. Gen. Tejinder Singh
            C. Lt. Gen.  Suraj Pal Singh
            D. Lt. Gen. J.P. Singh
38.      ‘Kamlu Happy Happy’ is ..
            A. a music album          B. an animation film
            C. a rock band              D. none of these
39.      Name the veteran actor of Bollywood, who starred in several hit films as ‘Love in Simla’, Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon’, died on March 9, 2012?
            A. Rajendra Shankar Bhatt
            B. Sobha Brahma
            C. Joy Mukherjee
            D. None of these
40.      Which of the following is not true about union budge 2012-13?
            A. Fiscal deficit in this budget is targeted at 5.1 per cent of the GDP.
            B. Savings bank account interest  up to Rs.10,000 exempted from tax.
            C. No change in service tax rate.
            D. Rs.30,000 crore will be raised from  disinvestment.
41.      What rate of growth did Indian economy achieve during 2011-12?
            A. 6.9%                        B. 9.6%
            C. 7.3%                        D. 4.8%
42.      Which of following countries has recently become the largest importer of conventional weapons replacing China?
            A. Saudi Arabia             B. Iran
            C. India                         D. Pakistan
43.      Indian Air Force has recently launched a military exercise in northeast. What was its code name?
            A. Prahar                      B. Pralay
            C. Sanhar                      D. Sanyog
44.      Who wrote the famous book Two Mothers?
            A. Khalid Mohammed    B. A. N. Sharma
            C. Vikram Seth              D. Gagan Seth
45.      Where did the Asia Cup Cricket 2012 held?
            A. India                         B. Pakistan      
            C. Bangladesh              D. Sri Lanka
46.      Rahul Dravid, one of the greatest Indian batsmen, announced his retirement from all forms of international cricket. He made an eventful ODI debut against…
            A. England                    B. Sri Lanka
            C. Pakistan                   D. West Indies
47.      Who has been announced best actor in the 59th National Film Awards?
            A. Girish Kulkarni           B. Shahrukh Khan
            B. Akshay Kumar          C. Aamir Khan
48.      Who has recently been chosen for the Dada Saheb Phalke Award 2011?
            A. Joy Mukharjee         
            B. Soumitra Chatterjee
            C. A.A. Manavalan
            D. Partho Ghosh
49.      Who is the Chairperson of the Supreme Court-appointed Monitoring committee on Mullaperiyar Dam issue?
            A. Justice (Retd.) M. N. Rao
            B. Justice (Retd.) B. N. Kirpal
            C. Justice (Retd.) A.S. Anand
            D. Justice (Retd.) S.P. Bharucha
50.      Which university conferred an honorary doctorate on Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in January 2012?
            A. Tezpur University       B. Assam University
            C. Tripura University
            D. Jadavpur University
Answer Key For Objective Current Affairs JAN-2013

1)          5
2)          2
3)          4
4)          3
5)          3
6)          4
7)          1
8)          5
9)          4
10)       4
11)       3
12)       4
13)       4
14)       5
15)       3
16)       3
17)       1
18)       4
19)       4
20)       5
21)       5
22)       5
23)       1
24)       2
25)       3
26)       2
27)       4
28)       4
29)       4
30)       3
31)       2
32)       3
33)       2
34)       2
35)       4
36)       3
37)       1
38)       2
39)       3
40)       3
41)       1
42)       3
43)       2
44)       1
45)       3
46)       2
47)       1
48)       2
49)       3
50)       3
51)       4


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