Sunday, January 27, 2013


**Top rated 5 questions in many entrance examination about Indian Geography**

1). What is the highest dam in India?
Ans. Tehri. Tehri Dam is 260 m tall. It was completed in 2006, though construction began in 1978. Prior to 2006, Bhakra Nangal (226 m) was the tallest dam in India.

2). What was the name of India's first biosphere reserve?
Ans. Nilgiris. The Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve is spread in three states: Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. It has an area of 5520 km2.

3). What was India's first national park?
Ans. Corbett. The Jim Corbett National Park was named after Jim Corbett, a British conservationist. The park came to existence in 1936 and was originally called Hailey National Park.

4). Which river is called the "Sorrow of Bihar"?
Ans. Kosi. The Kosi River is called the "Sorrow of Bihar" due to its flooding, which has resulted in human suffering. The Kosi is 729 km long. Incidentally, the Damodar River is called the "Sorrow of Bengal".

5).The Kerala coast is famous for which of these nuclear fuels?
Ans. thorium. Thorium is available in some parts of Kerala's coastline. Kerala is located in South India.

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