Monday, January 28, 2013


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Syrian Opposition in Unity Deal: 
Syrian opposition groups meeting in Qatar,Doha inked a hard-won unity deal and agreed to form a national coalition to fight against President Bashar al-Assad, delegates said.

Pakistan Launches Education Plan for Children with Focus on Girls: 
As the world heeded to U.N. Special Envoy for Global Education Gordon Brown’s call to observe November 10 as ‘Global Action Day for Malala Yousufzai’, Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari warned that attack on Ms. Yousufzai was an attack on the future of the region as a whole, as the terrorists would not stop at Pakistan. It may be called that Ms. Yousufzai was shot  at  and  grievously  injured  by  the  Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan  on  October  9,  2012  while  on  her  way  back from school in Mingora in Swat Valley.

Obama  Gets  four  more  years: 
US  President  Barack Obama  on  November  6,  2012  won  a  second  term  and immediately promised to unify a country bitterly divided along  political lines, exacerbated by a hard fought campaign.The  Republican  Party  retained  control  of  the  House  of Representatives  in  Parallel  congressional elections and democrats held on to the Senate.

 Xi Jinping to Head both Party and Military in 
Xi Jinping, the 59-year-old ‘princeling’ son of a former politburo member,  was on November 15,2012, pronounced the General Secretary  of the communist Party  of China (CPC) and the head of the party’s Central Military Committee, marketing an end to a once-in-a  decade leadership transition process. Mr. Xi and six other leaders to constitute the Party’s highest body-The Politburo standing Committee (PBSC) –were presented as the faces of the next generation of leaders as outgoing leader Hu Jintao relinquished his posts as Head of the CPC and chairman of the military.

With Bulgaria Joining, South steam Gas Pipeline Clears Last Hurdle: Bulgaria has formally agreed to join the South Stream Gas pipeline project, the last hurdle that needed to be cleared to deliver Russian gas to large parts  of  Europe.  The  South  Stream  pipeline- funded by Gazprom, Italy’s Eni, France’s EdF and Germany’s Winter-shall-is  due  to  start  operating  in 2015,bringing up to 63 billion cubic meters of gas annually to  the Balkans,Austria and Italy.

 Southeast  Asian  Leaders  Sign  Human  Rights  Declaration:  Southeast Asian Leaders in Phnom Penh, Cambodia endorsed a controversial human rights pact on November 18, 2012 during an annual summit in which they  also  focussed  on  bruising  territorial rows and deadly unrest in Myanmar. Heads of the 10-member 3 Association  of  Southeast  Asian  Nations (ASEAN) hailed  their  declaration  on  human  rights  as  a  landmark agreement that would help protect the region’s 600 million people.

Ernest Koroma Back in Power in Sierra Leone: The African country Sierra Leone’s President Ernest Koroma swept to a second term with 58 % of votes in a poll.Sierra Leone is rich in mineral resources and massive iron-ore  deposits  are expected  to  add  21%  growth  this  year  to  its  $  2.2  billion  Gross Domestic  Product,  the International Monetary Fund estimates.


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